The Bauer Reflex RX8 Goalie Hockey Stick is offered at a well marked price. This newer goalie stick features some innovative new features developed by Bauer. It will satisfy up to an advanced level goaltender with its strength, weight, and performance.

The shaft portion of the RX8 Goalie Stick is composed out of  the same high grade carbon wrap reinforced by woven fiberglass as the RX10 Stick (which is a lot more expensive). The difference is the composition of the materials; this stick contains more fiberglass which won’t hinder the strength, but will add a little weight. The combination of these two materials keep the stick as light as possible, but their main intent is to provide strength a durability. The stick can push away heavy hit slapshots and one-timers with ease. About half way between the top of the stick and the paddle, their is a grip zone to assist with stick control. It features raised ridges with a sticky grip film covering. The control zone of the goalie stick (the area where the shaft meets the paddle) contains the same feature. Bauer has placed it there because it is the most essential area in which the goalie must have control. The core of the paddle is made from enhanced polyurethane; this means it’s  great for vibration dampening (this is another key difference between the RX10 and the RX8 Goalie Stick). Like all of Bauer’s goalie sticks, the RX10 includes a flat profile paddle. With this feature, the stick stops pucks in their tracks as opposed to deflecting them into the net (a big bonus for goaltenders). The blade offers a low density foam core for soft receptions and accurate passes. This stick is made with a polished finish, not matte.

The Bauer Reflex RX8 Goalie Hockey Stick is not associated with many complaints. Some goalies have stated that is a bit heavy due to the fiber glass composition. The polyurethane core adds some stiffness to the stick, it requires more effort the throw the puck down the ice.

The huge price drop from the RX10 to the RX8 makes this stick more than worth the price. It contains most of the same features differing only with the composition, paddle core, and matte finish. Find out why this stick is so popular!

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