The Bauer Supreme One70 Ice Hockey Skates come with several of Bauer’s top features. At only $300 these skates are a steal as far as value goes.

There are 3 main differences moving down from the One80 Skates to the One70 Skates. First, the outer portion of the quarter package uses a 3D anaformable tech nylon still offering great protection and high performance. second, The interior liner is now a hydrophobic grip liner, which is very comfortable and holds moisture off very well. Third, the runner has changed from the LS 2.1 extended runner to the Tuuk super SS runner. The quarter package of the Bauer One70′s are constructed with a highly moldable 3D anaformable tech nylon. They title it 3D because it forms to a player’s foot in 3 dimensions (back, side, and side) offering an unrivaled custom fit. A decorated 48oz. double segmented white felt tongue is placed on these skates. This tongue offers great flexibility and protection, from lace-bite too with its high density matersal guard. Anaform fit foam ankle padding is used on the One80′s. This grade of foam eases the break in time and molds precisely to any player’s foot. Under this boot sits a full fiber composite outsole. No energy is lost with each stride. Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holders come stock on the One70′s. Accompanied by Tuuk’s Super SS runners, powerful strides are generated. There is a reason that Tuuk products are so commonly used on ice hockey skates.

Unlike the One80′s, the Bauer Supreme One70 Ice Hockey Skates have a few flaws. I have heard more than once that the fit is too narrow; while the Supreme line is supposed to be wider than the Vapor line the truth is, Bauer makes slim skates. The graphics have been know to peel off, which doesn’t hinder the performance. Also, break-in time is not pleasant.

Bauer has built these skates for intermediate to advanced level players. The protection and performance is there with only a few material downgrades. $300 is truly a good price for the One70′s.

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