The Bauer Vapor X6.0 Ice Hockey Skates are still considered top quality skates even though they are the third skate down in the Bauer Vapor line. These skates come standard with Bauer’s most highly regarded qualities and features.

Using Bauer’s patented X-Rib design, the quarter package on the X6.0 is lined with a super lightweight tech mesh. Bauer does keep their skates amazingly light, however they never sacrifice protection in the process. The purpose of the X-Rib design is to layer denser materials on the achilles backing of the boot. This produces a solid foundation for not only the back of the boot (which supports the highest weight concentration), but the rest of the skate as well. In order to prolong the skate’s life and maintain lightweight, the boot is constructed using Vapor Monostructure; the quarter package is constructed using one main piece of material wrapped around the outside of the boot. Bauer is using a form fit molded tongue meant to be placed under the shin pad. It provides superior protection with it’s thick metatarsal guard. The interior of the skate is lined with Bauer’s Hydra Mesh liner which wicks away moisture. The ankle padding contains two different density foams. The thicker density foam is placed toward the outside of the boot to reduce energy transfer from hard impacts. A less dense foam is faced toward the ankle for added protection and cushion. For their quality and performance, the Tuuk Lightspeed II holder is matched with the LS II runner.

The cons associated with the Bauer Vapor X6.0 Ice Hockey Skates are minimal. The boot is narrow and will not fit bigger footed players comfortably. The break-in time has been known to take a while.

The X6.0 skates contain much of Bauer’s ingenuity with only the use lesser materials. While still expensive, the Bauer X6.0 Ice Skates display several desirable features that will make even the most advanced player envious (unless they own the skates themselves).

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