Though the Bauer Vapor XR5 Inline Hockey Skates are not Bauer’s premium skates, they still hold their own when compared to other brand’s top end skates. The XR5 Skates are essentially a lower priced version of the amazing Bauer APXR Inline Skates, only slightly cheaper materials are used.

The quarter package on these skates is constructed using an ultra-light tech mesh material. The ultra-light tech mesh is a sturdy, abrasion resistant material that not only provides superior protection, but is appealing to the eye as well. Please note that the same mesh is used on Bauer’s previous top-end skate, the Bauer RX60 Skates which is about $100 more expensive than these RX5′s. Bauer has used their X-rib pattern to ensure the structure of the entire boot remains stable.The X-rib pattern provides that extra edge, making the skates more durable and less susceptible to wear. Looking inside the boot, Bauer has implemented their Quick Dry hydrophobic grip liner. Obviously, being hydrophobic the liner repels water and denies moisture build-up. An extra grip is used to secure the ankle in place. This combined with the padded heel cup, the ankle remains locked and blisters are no longer a problem. Bauer offers the XR5 Inline Skates with a full fiber composite outsole, which also happens to be their cheapest skate carrying this feature. The full composite oustole delivers maximum energy transfer with each stride improving response and agility. Mission’s Hi-Lo Vangaurd frame comes standard on these skates, that is two 80mm wheels in back and two 76mm wheels in front. The skater benefits from a lowered center of gravity with this design. A main difference between the XR5′s and their predecessors, the APXR’s, is the use of 6000 CNC aluminum to compose the frame instead of magnesium. A fresh pair of Labeda Dynasty XXX (one of the industry’s leading wheels) wheels are placed on these frames for ultimate grippage! One of the top features unique to Bauer’s skates is the elevated stance. The ankle is positioned at a higher angle than most other skates. This results in proper technique for greater speed.

Seeing how the Bauer Vapor XR5 Inline Hockey Skates haven’t even been released to the public yet, there is still some reviewing left to do. When I receive feedback on the negative aspects of these skates, i will revise this review.

There is no shame in not being able to purchase the Bauer APXR Skates and settling on the XR5′s. After all the XR5′s are still in a league of their own, but at a more affordable price.

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