Cascade is a company who was displeased with the head injuries (mainly concussions) in the NHL and all of hockey. For this reason they teamed up with a well known Hall of Famer Mark Messier. Together they have developed practical designs that drastically reduce the risk of head injuries. The Cascade M11 Pro Hockey Helmet is the product of all that work.

The M11 Pro Helmet is built with a uni body construction, which Cascade is callingĀ  a Mono 90 shell design. Less moving parts results in lower energy transfer during impact. This hard plastic shell is incredibly protective. Since there’s no 2-piece construction, a bike helmet mechanism is the adjustment of choice. A back ratchet micro adjustment can easily increase and decrease the size of the helmet with a simple hand motion. The mechanism, though easily adjusted, locks firmly in place. Seven Technology is what sets this helmet apart from the others. By using cylinder shaped padding, the helmet increases greatly in multiple impact performance. Compared to EPP foam (Cascade claims), the cylinder padding protects 26% better on the first impact, 107% on the second, and 140% on the third. See, EPP foam, while protective, isn’t made for multiple impacts. It indents after the first hit and takes a few seconds to mold back to its original shape. A comfy memory gel padding lines the entirety of the interior of the helmet.

There have been no complaints about the Cascade M11 Pro Hockey Helmet, and for good reason!

The Cascade line of helmets is growing in popularity. Players are realizing that Cascade knows how to protect. With the look and aerodynamic design of the helmet, what’s not to like?!

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