The CCM U+10 Hockey Stick is one of the lightest most responsive sticks in its class. CCM has done an exceptional job of keeping some of their best stick technologies while maintaining a low cost.

The majority of the sick is constructed with CCM’s high modulus carbon material. It is the use of this material that makes CCM sticks as light as they are. The high modulus carbon uses a high grade carbon base for a well balanced durable stick. The shaft has flat side walls and with well rounded corners, perfect for easy puck maneuvering and insane dangles. Moving down the length of the shaft, CCM has implemented a gradual taper providing a low kick point. One interesting feature that sets CCM sticks apart from the rest of the market is their Fuse Technology. Basically, the blade of the stick runs far into the shaft and at a higher connection point than regularly seen. This ensures maximum strength and enhanced responsiveness of the U+10 Hockey Stick. The blade is derived from a high grade carbon compression molded together in the manufacturing process (lots of pressure was applied to get rid of air pockets, impurities, and improve the overall strength of the blade). The blade contains a Single Bridge construction running mid way up the blade parallel to the floor. It is this feature that makes the CCM stick line’s blades so forgiving.

The CCM U+10 Hockey Stick does not have many complaints associated with it considering its low price point. It has been known to break, not too often though (usually higher in the shaft). Also, the blade of the stick suffers from small chips and cracks through prolonged usage.

The CCM U+10 Stick may hold the most value in its class; the weight is extremely low and the blade is compression molded, a process that is rarely seen at this price point. Buying the CCM U+10 even as a back-up would be a smart decision!

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