The production of the CCM U+Crazy Light Ice Hockey skates is just another reason why CCM dominates the hockey industry. They have added an insane amount of new features to this skate which conveys the amount of time they have put into this awesome product.

CCM currently has the most extreme moldability factor when it comes to their skates(even the sole insert is moldable!). CCM uses U foam which is an incredibly light material that is also highly reactive to heat. After baking in the skates you can literally see the outline of your ankle bone on the outside of the boot. The closer the skate molds to your foot, the less energy is wasted in your stride providing increased speed and all-around control while on the ice. CCM has also added more of this U foam padding to the heel for a more secure fit. Another notable feature to the Crazy lights is the surlyn coating (the same materials used to make golf balls). Not only does the surlyn give the skate a fresh look, but it protects against minor nicks and cuts as well. Have you heard the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” well CCM took that to heart with their scalloped design runner as seen in previous models. This is offered on most of their ice skates. It reduces weight by getting rid of some excess steel, but does not sacrifice durability in the process. I have always been a fan of CCM tongues and the CCM Pro Armour Tongue makes no exception. CCM added a tougher protective layer to the front of the tongue; however, they placed ridges in it to keep a consistent flexibility throughout. They included felt on the inner portion and added ventilation areas to keep your feet cool and dry.

There is not much bad to say about the CCM U+Crazy Light Ice Hockey Skates. The only minor problem reported by players is small rips in the sole insert after extended use. CCM put several holes in the insert making it lighter and giving it a breathable quality. Due to this weak construction, tears are inevitable. Some say the price is high, but I think it’s worth every penny.

Overall the CCM U+Crazy Light Ice Hockey Skates offer an amazing competitive edge to advanced to Pro-level players. Compared to other competing ice hockey skate lines, the price seems more than fair.  It is definitely in the running for the top skate of 2011.

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