The Easton Mako M2 Hockey Stick was designed, in both price and performance, for the beginner to intermediate level hockey player. This stick still carries a lot of the awesome features of the higher priced Mako sticks while changing up a few materials to make the product more cost efficient.

Dropping from the Mako M3 Hockey Stick, the M2 only has one minor difference. That is, the blade is made from 6K carbon as opposed to the 3K carbon fiber seen in the M3. While this feature adds some additional weight, the composition, strength, and performance of this material is still very high. The Mako M2 Stick is built with a graphite composition shaft. This flexible material has a crisp feel to it and a high resistance to any signs of wear. I am currently using an Easton graphite shaft with a matte finish. The feel is incredible! It’s the perfect balance between a sticky grip stick and a polished one. I have better grip and puck control. The M2 uses a high performance taper called the Ultra-Thin Taper. Like its name implies, the Ultra-Thin taper is ultra thin (obviously). Not too thin in the fact that it will break easily, but thin enough so that is produces a responsive pop! The M2′s blade is a Multi-Rib blade; there is a bridge that runs through the blade parallel to the floor. From this bridge, ribs branch off to the top and bottom of the blade creating a stronger more reliable structure similar to the human bone structure. This intuitive blade design is then wrapped with 6K carbon. The material adds to the sticks longevity. The shaft is built to pro specs, with flat side walls and rounded corners.

The much anticipated release of the Easton Mako stick line, including the Easton Mako M2 Hockey Stick, has yet to come. If there should be any negative feedback, this review will be updated.

With the white profile lower portion, the M2 Stick will be virtually invisible to goalies. If you’re looking to improve your game, the Mako sticks are worth a look.

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