Graf is known for their wide variety of skates in multiple lines. The Graf Supra 735 Ice Hockey Skates are for advanced to pro level skaters who prefer a more pronounced tendon structure for a speed driven style of play.

The quarter package of the SUpra 735′s is made with Graf’s Thermolam heat molding capabilities. Graf rivals the best brands on the market with customization (Graf may be the best). The materials coating the quarter package are enhanced microfiber for allowing some flex and PE (synthetic leather) for durability and added protection. One unique feature about these skates is the 4-piece Cyber Flex tendon. In the tendon area, there are four segmented pieces that generate flex in the boot during stride. According to Graf (and backed by several consumers) this structure prolongs the stride, making it more powerful. A white felt tongue is used to protect the front of the foot and shin. The interior of the boot uses extremely comfortable Air Net lining and comes standard with Graf’s patented EvaFit moisture management system which keeps the skates fresh and dry. A premium material called Texalite is used as the outsole on the 735′s. This ensures direct energy transfer from the push-off to the ice. Cobra NT-3000 Holders with matching runners adds the finishing touches to these already incredible skates.

The Graf Supra 735 Ice Hockey Skates are built with a narrow heel and medium heel depth. Always try on Graf skates before buying them. It would be a shame to get a bad impression of Graf just because you didn’t pick out the right fitting.

The Supra line is very popular and offers features only seen on higher priced skates. Graf is known to make great products and skates are their specialty.

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