The Graf line of skates are in a league of their own. Graf Hockey implements a one of a kind fit profile to ensure each player has a skate to match their individual foot shape and playing style. The Graf Ultra G35 Ice Hockey Skates are a small representation of the excellence that is Graf Hockey.

Graf uses their own composite Teclite material to wrap around the skate’s quarter panel. Teclite is an extremely durable material resistant to abrasions and other hockey hazards. Graf has engineered the quarter package to ensure little give in essential areas. They have added stiff portions behind the Achilles tendon and around the lace track as well. These stiff areas are meant to form the structural base of the boot, so that longevity and low wear qualities are present. Throughout the whole of the boot, Graf has used Pre-Preg Thermolam Construction. Basically, Graf has one of the most customizable skate fits on the market and the Thermolam Construction is how they acquire this. In the interior of the boot, Graf’s patented moisture-wicking Airnet lining is used. This Airnet lining is equivalent to sticking your foot into a pillow (yes, it’s that comfortable). Not only is it comfortable, but moisture-wicking too. Your feet will stay dry with this liner. To top it all off, the Graf G35 Ice Skate’s outsole is made purely from fiber composite materials. Underneath that, the V2 Carboframe with the matching runner is combined to give each skater maximum response with every stride.

The Graf Ultra G35 Ice Hockey Skates are engineered to fit and perform so perfectly that there can hardly be any complaints said about it. First, you MUST get these skates fitted! You have to travel to the nearest Graf dealer and make sure that these contain the right fit profile. Second, these skates are expensive. The quality of a Graf skate makes it worth it!

If you decide to put the money down for a Graf pair of skates, you have not wasted your money! Once you do buy a pair, you may never buy another brand’s skates again.

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