The Mission Fuel 120 XP Ice Hockey Skates are built with stride power and maneuvering in mind. While the AG was made for agility and aggression, these skates seem to have become more popular. With Mission ice hockey skates dying out, this might be your last chance to purchase a unique pair!

First is a list of differences from the AG Skates to the XP; The biggest switch is the deep heel pocket in the XP’s. Just by looking at the two skates, one can tell that the XP has a close to flat-footed design. The XP’s are built using a slightly different heat molding system accompanied by Texcore. Mission claims these skates can be baked in 5 mins. The majority of the quarter package on the Mission Fuel Skates is composed of synthetic leather. Composite materials and other nylon fabrics are used as well. Mission has chosen to go with synthetic leather because of its flexible properties and durability (it looks nice too!).Forward flex was emphasized on both the Fuel line skates which is the reason synthetic leather was the right choice. The tongue on these skates s considered a hybrid; it contains some felt accompanied by additional HD padding and a lace guard. The ankle gel padding is coated by a super comfy Wick Dry Pro Clarino liner. The name pretty much sums it up; it wicks away moisture to keep the skates dry. The Pitch 3 holders has got to be the stand out feature in these skates. It can be adjusted in 3 different ways: neutral, minus 1, and plus 1. Minus 1 sets the skate standing almost completely upright for better balance and back skating, while plus 1 sets the skate in a forward, more aggressive position. Neutral is the average level between these two stances and is what would be considered most common in the hockey industry.

The Mission Fuel 120 XP Ice Hockey Skates while still heavy, have not been subject to that many “heavy complaints (perhaps it’s the deep heel pocket). They have been called uncomfortable, at least for the first several uses. Also, more than one skater has found the “bake in 5 minute” statement to be false.

Mission was a great company before they were acquired by Bauer (they still are now). Independently they couldn’t manage proper marketing. They made great products without the funds to advertise properly. Buy these skates before the last ones disappear.

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