The Reebok 5K Sickick III Hockey Stick samples the greatness of the Reebok “K” line. It contains a few amazing features that sets Reebok apart from the competition. The 5K Stick provides the intermediate level player with a low costing, great performing stick.

The Reebok 5K Hockey Stick is constructed from a carbon based material including excess amounts of fiberglass to reinforce the design. It is built solid, but is heavier because of the materials. Venturing down from the 6K, the 5K Stick does not include the Guided Blade Technology  (though it still contains raised dimples throughout the blade) and is constructed from lesser grade materials. It does however, contain one of the greatest features from the Reebok “K” line: Sickick III Technology. This is a low kick point area with possibly the most responsive pop of all sticks on the market. In order to accomplish this feat, Reebok has woven the throat and blade of the stick with two different patterns. The forehand displays a small tight weave, while the backhand shows a thicker, wider weave. As a result, the woven patterns assist the player according to the specific shot. The forehand needs more flex for quick snap shots and wristers, while the backhand needs stiffness for fast elevation of the puck. Though the weave pattern contributes to the Sickick III Technology, the blade portion of the stick is titled Dual Matrix Technology (though they feature the same concept). The blade contains a soft foam core for soft pass receptions and accurate shots, but also help reduce the overall weight of the stick. The Reebok 5K Stick does include small dimples throughout the blade for greater accuracy and puck feel; it really makes a noticeable difference during gameplay.

The Reebok 5K Sickick III Hockey Stick does contain some negatives. I must first point out that the 5K Stick does not break as commonly as the higher model sticks. This is because of its stiffer heavier design. No breakage is good, but the 5K weighs in at around 555 grams. The added weight also reduces the amount of response applied with each shot, more force is needed to generate a fast shot.

The Reebok 5K Stick provides some excellent features unique to Reebok. The Sickick III Technology contains one of the greatest “pop” reflexes available on the market and is available at such a low price!

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