Sher-Wood has done an outstanding job bringing their Nexon stick line into the lower price range. By only substituting materials, they have managed to keep virtually all of the Nexon line features as shown in the Sher-Wood Nexon 8 Hockey Stick.

By switching the core material constructing the Nexon 8 stick, Sher-Wood was able to price it much lower. They are calling it their Sniper Expert Technology and are using high modulus 12K carbon in its design. The 12K carbon is heavier than the 3K, but contains a strong structure and usually lasts through much wear and tear. The unique Pure Sense Technology is present in this stick which is surprising for this price grade. The Nexon 8 is one of the few sticks that is a true one piece; the Pure Sense Technology implies that the shaft runs all the way down to the blade, even forming the heel. This feature tops all the sticks in puck feel and responsiveness. To reinforce the solid 12K carbon, Sher-Wood has strategically placed carbon fiber strands in multiple areas on the shaft; this is called Varimax Technology. Foam Stabilizer Elite Technology comes standard on this stick; a lightweight high density foam is used to form the core of the blade, then is layered with the same 12K modulus carbon in the shaft offering a superior accurate shot, vibration dampening, and puck feel. The shaft contains concaved side walls and rounded corners, perfect for quick puck maneuvering.

The entire Nexon line has only been on the market for so long and has not accumulated many cons. The review of the Sher-Wood Nexon 8 Hockey Stick will be updated when more information is gathered.

This particular stick in the Nexon line will satisfy even the most advanced player. The price is right, if you don’t have the cash for a more expensive stick, the Sher-Wood Nexon 8 will give you more bang for your buck!

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