The Tour Thor ZX9 Inline Hockey Skates are one step down from the Thor ZX1 skates. They do offer some of the same great features, but at a more affordable price level.

Whats most impressive about Tour’s new quarter panel is the integration of surlyn material. Surlyn is a lightweight material used to coat golf balls; so you know it can take a beating. Tour acquired the Labeda Hum’er Pro frame with the single axle design (no more need of two Allen wrenches). This frame is made from aluminum, giving the skate a lightweight, but solid foundation. You can’t have a Labeda frame without some great Labeda wheels: the Labeda Dynasty wheels (standard on the ZX9′s) are one of the top quality wheels in the market offering outstanding grip for those tight turns and quick stops. The Tour ZX9 Roller Skate uses Tour’s DPS technology. They have indented the under side of the boot (under the arch of your foot) in order to fit two of the four 80mm wheels. The DPS system allows the use of all 80mm wheels and lowers the skater’s center of gravity at the same time. This makes an awesome combination improving your stride and speed. Also, how can you not notice how sweet these skates look (maybe even better than the Tour ZX1′s)!

There have been some minor complaints about the Tour Thor Zx9 inline Hockey Skates. First, the tongue is made specifically for skaters to wear under the shin pad. I myself, am a fan of the flop. The sole insert doesn’t look like too much thought went into it. It’s not as comfortable as some other skates in the same class. Last, the wear in time on all Tour skates is long. Expect some blisters starting out.

The ZX9′s are a sweet looking pair of skates with some top of the line features. The price is right, so don’t miss out on owning one of the most advanced skates in the market right now!

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