Tour is most popular in the inline hockey world, but they have produced some ice hockey skates in addition. Their low pricing and fundamental features are appealing to beginner level players. The Tour TR 700 Ice Hockey Skates is one of these skate options.

The TR 700′s are built using simple materials, but are solid in structure. The quarter package is assembled using nylon stitched materials. Tour has strategically placed some leather reinforcements around higher wear areas along the skate. Nylon is cost efficient, but it is a superb material to use on skates due to its weight, durability, and breathability. Tour has even coated the toe cap with nylon weaves to create a more eye catching look to the TR’s. The tongue is made of a flexible black felt material that can be flopped if desired. The interior of the skates offer deluxe anatomical foam ankle padding covered by a nylon brush Tricot liner. This liner is very comfortable. It assists with keeping the feet dry by wicking away moisture. The outsole is made from TPU (thermo-polyurethane), a flexible material that is forgiving on incorrect strides. TPU is essential for beginner level players because it promotes proper technique, without damaging the skates. Energy transfer is sacrificed, but wear on the skates is kept to a minimum. Tour has placed some standard holders on the TR’s equipped with carbon steel runners. The combination encourages great maneuvering and hard stopping.

There are two very distinct flaws in the Tour TR 700 Ice Hockey Skate’s design. First, the tongue is very thin. Do not expect to take a shot to the shin without feeling it. Second, the tendon guard is oddly shaped. This may cause it to tear wear it should crease, which has been reported by more than a few skaters.

Tour has designed these skates specifically for recreational players looking to either get into the sport, or continue playing the sport. For the price, these skates are not a bad option for those types of players.

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